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Safe Haven Charter
Congratulations! You have successfully looted Safe Haven. Your new quest is to decide whether Safe Haven (SH) is for you or would you rather sell it to a vendor. Here's the info that will help you make your decision...

Mission Statement:
Safe Haven is an online community created to provide gamers a place to play online games with good people and maintain those friendships from game to game. We understand that your gaming will last longer than any one game but the bonds developed with other guild members lasts longer. We are a mature group best described as "casual hardcore." Our job is to find people who match our ideal member: funny & respectful; wants to progress in the game but understands real-life commitments; and understands that our community will outlast any one game we're in.

Organization & Recruitment:
Safe Haven is an overall community which is represented by our website & forums. The site is the heart of the guild as it is the meeting point for every member no matter what game they're currently playing. Once you join SH, you join the community and, once you're a member, you are admitted as a member into any of the Safe Haven (or Dark Haven) guilds. In order to ensure that we're a good fit for you and you're a good fit for us, we have a recruitment period for each applicant. These periods typically last a month. During this time, recruits are treated as full members. The best advice on joining the guild is to forget about the recruit process and just act as if you're already in the guild. The overall community is managed by Asher Marx & each guild has a designated Guildleader, Officers, and Senior Members. You can have as many alts in the guild as you please. In-game rosters will be regularly pruned of inactive characters to keep it manageable, but you can re-tag a character at any time.


Most rules on behavior boil down to "don't be an a-hole." We're playing a game and we're supposed to enjoy it! It's better to talk about behavior that we support & seek out. The goal of the guild is to gather a group of people together who could all be really good friends. If your real-life friend asked you to craft him an item, would you charge him for it? If yes, SH isn't for you. On the other hand, if your friend went out of his way to make something for you, would you want to pay him for it? We don't expect people to treat their stuff as communal property, but when dealing with other members, generosity, patience, and kindness are what build friendships. That counts for every aspect of the game: crafting, loot rolls, auction house items, etc. If someone appears to do something against the goals of this charter, please take a screenshot and contact an officer.

How do things work?
-Voice: We use our Mumble server for voice communication during raids & groups. We don't typically sit in the channels during off-time. My experience is that constant voice communication helps to create cliques (which are the primary cause of guild disbandment). Mumble in many ways is superior to Vent and TS but functions identically. Check the forums for more info.

-Roleplay: We are a guild about the person. Since our goal is to form relationships which persist longer than a single game, roleplaying directly contradicts that process. Instead of me getting to know you, it becomes my character getting to know your character and, as such, roleplay is not a focus of the guild.

-PvP vs. PvE: We are primarily a PvE guild as we are not the type of people to gank someone and we hate being ganked ourselves. However, PvP events are often run and many of our members enjoy PvP. We play on PvE servers.

-Timezone: We are officially PST. However, we have many members across the U.S. and, as such, we regularly schedule events in different time-zones.

-Loot Rules: Loot rules are unique to each game but in general we try to develop loot rules which fit our playstyle. Meaning, we have a more casual system which includes a random factor while still rewarding long-term commitment. We developed our own loot system called WKRP to help us achieve a "casual hardcore" type of loot system. Further details can be found on the forum.

-Chat: Don't excessively curse. It can lead to the creation of a "leet" type of atmosphere that is best avoided. Grammar is always appreciated; /guildchat isn't a text message, and words do not have numbers in them. Our ideal member knows the difference between there, they're and their, and doesn't drop letters from words.