My Renegade CW build

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As some of you may know I accidentally paid for a respec on my CW due to a bug and Cryptic would not refund me so I decided to try a different CW build and I am enjoying it quite a bit. The biggest plus of this build is that it does more single target DPS than the cold wizard while still doing competitive AOE and the best part is if you have 2 CWs one with this spec and one with a cold spec their debuffs stack.

Anyway without further ado here is a link to the build(I have screenshots too but in my last thread some people said they were difficult to read and for whatever reason it does not want to upload them to the forum anyway):

My Renegade Build

Also to note stat priorities are as follows:

1)Armor pen to 2400
2)Recovery to 3k
3)crit to 3k
4) rest in either power or crit kinda your call

For T2 sets it seems like the High Vizier set is currently best as it offers lots of survivability and the debuff from the set bonus increases everyone's (including yours) DPS by quite a bit. The shadow weaver set is also quite viable if you want to be a glass cannon.

My 3 points in Maelstrom of Chaos are optional, but I have a feeling they are going to buff that ability sometime soon.
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Thanks for posting this. While I am not currently able to play as much as I would like, I am hopeful that next month I can start harassing you all for armor runs to up my stuff! I had been looking at a build like this and may give it a try as well.

I am still wearing the PvP set that I got, and appreciate the feedback on the alternatives. I may have to go shopping! :d
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